My Story

Several years ago, my wife and I were attending a wedding in South Florida for a dear friend of ours who we have known for many years. Like us, he is about 60 years old and is gearing up for retirement. After the ceremony, as we were sitting on the beach, a strange feeling came over me, one of confusion and unease. A question popped into my head. If the sun were to set on my life, as it was over the glistening waters of the Gulf of Mexico, would I reflect back with fullfillment or regret? I was at a loss, unable to truthfully answer the answer. It was in that very moment I knew a change was required!

The next morning, I began to write a list of all of the things I longed to do but never took the first step towards. Some of the things I could do start doing that very day, while other would have to wait until I finished my career. I was overwieght but I always dreamed of being in shape. Why did that have to wait? It didn't. As a boy, I always loved playing saxaphone, but my brass had collected dust over the years, lost away in the shadows of the attic. I decided to book a sax lessons for the week I returned home. I always wanted to see a football game in every SEC stadium. That one would have to wait since I wasn't going to be able to visit all the SEC schools until I retired, but I could visit some sonner than later, so I bought tickets to see Bryant-Denny Stadium and Tiger Stadium in the autumn.

I immediately felt better!  Why had I waited so long to do the thing I loved?

Speed up a year later. I had already written so many things off my bucket list. As I dived deeper into my passions, new ideas came to mind, and my list grew. But still, there was something missing, a void deep inside somewhere. That's what led me to Active Aging!


Our Mission

I realized it wasn't enough to only pursue my own dreams. Life without service, without helping others, is a life unfulfilled. So that's how I came up with Active Aging.

Aging Redefined!

Change the way you view retirement. Change the way you live.