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ActiveAging.com present the Active Aging Challenge. This challenge is sponsored by Natural Options USA.


Active Aging Challenges are meant to be fun and help expand your limits and grow.  

Help inspire others by posting your challenge on the Active Aging Facebook group.  If you are a record holder of any challenge your name will be posted at the top of the challenge leader board by age class. 

Here is a link to the Active Aging Facebook Group where you can share your video to help inspire others. 



Arms and Core!

Crow Pose Yoga Challenge

How long can you hold this amazing yoga pose for?  Sam Abraham holds the crow pose for an amazing 41 seconds.  Can you beat his time?  Sam provides instructions on how to get into the crow pose.

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Crow Pose
Mind over Matter!

One Minute Pushup Challenge

How many pushups can you do in one minute? Can you beat Aaron’s video at 29 total? This is an easy challenge that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home.  You can do this challenge just for fun, or even post it in the Active Aging Facebook group to inspire others. Check out the leader board by age class.

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Mind over Matter!

Yoga Handstand Challenge

The Active Aging Handstand Challenge is designed for people ages 55+.  The challenge is how long you can hold a handstand for.  Sam Abraham is a yoga instructor who performs the challenge. In the first part of the video, Sam holds a perfect handstand for 25 seconds.  In the second part of the video, Sam gives instructions on how to safely get into the handstand position

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The Ultimate Back Stretch!

Yoga Wheel Pose Challenge

Sam Abraham, expert yoga instructor, holds this remarkable wheel pose for 45 seconds straight!  How long can you hold this pose for?  Instructions included in the end of the video on how to get in and out of the pose.

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Yoga Wheel Pose