The type of ball makes all the difference!

5 Best Golf Balls for Seniors and Slower Swing Speeds

Anything we older folks can do to improve our golf game should be considered, and the type of golf ball is no exception.  Here is our list of the best golf balls for seniors and people with slower swing speeds.

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Improve your swing speed with this helpful guide!

Average Golf Club Swing Speed By Age and Gender

Learn about the average club swing speeds by age and gender.  There are four factors which combine to produce the speed at which we swing a golf club.  Efficient Technique – Proper Equipment – Flexibility – Physical Strength.

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Add distance to your game with these drivers!

Best Drivers for Senior Golfers

When using our drivers, we seniors are challenged with three aspects of the shot.  Getting a high enough launch, missing the club face’s sweet spot, and reduced distance.  Current golf club technology has focused on addressing those three areas.

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