Best National Parks for Seniors

2021 Best National Park Road Trips for Aging Adults

Here is a list of the best national parks for your to consider exploring. Plan now, just toss some necessities into a bag or two and hit the road. We could all probably do some good for ourselves by putting the big city and the comforts of home in our re

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Must Have Gardening Tools for Seniors
Average Club Speed by Age and Gender


Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats 2021

The correct mat prevents us from slipping on the floor and keeps us stable as we bend, stretch, and wake up our bodies to the holy and the healthy within us. Here is our list of the best non-slip yoga mats of 2021.

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Yoga Mats
Get That Glow Back to Your Skin!

Top Anti-Aging Foods for Beautiful Skin

Here are some of the best foods you can eat to promote anti-aging and beautiful, youthful skin.

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Coconut Oil
Improve Your Body As You Work!

Ergonomics for Working Seniors

When we get older and spend a considerable amount of time at a desk, it is important to consider the ergonomics of how we and our equipment are positioned.

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Add distance to your game with the right clubs!

Best Drivers for Senior Golfers

When using our drivers, we seniors are challenged with three aspects of the shot.  Getting a high enough launch, missing the club face’s sweet spot, and reduced distance.  Current golf club technology has focused on addressing those three areas.

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Senior Golfer
Want the best golf ball for slower swing speeds?

Best Golf Balls for Seniors 2021

Here is a list of Active Aging’s top golf ball for seniors in 2021.  Step your game up with these excellent golf ball choices!

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Golf Ball
Take agency over your body to protect it!

6 Foods To Boost Your Immune System

We can do numerous things to boost our immune system, including getting sufficient sleep and eating the right foods.  With that said, here are some of the best foods to boost your immune system.

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How to Boost Your Immune System as we Age

How to Boost Your Immune System as we Age

Here are specific things you can do to boost your immune as you age.
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Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

Best Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

Considering getting a dog in your golden years? Here is Active Aging's list of the best dog…
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5 Steps for Better Sleep as We Age

5 Steps for Better Sleep as We Age

As we age, how do we increase sleep production while also improving its quality? Here is a…
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3 Back Pain Relief Exercises for Seniors

Workout For Older Men: The A-40 Core Set


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