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Jump the Line

Americans age 65 are eligible for Medicare benefits. But don’t wait until your 65th birthday to get informed.

Spend a little time online at Medicare's Website to learn your options. There are plenty.

Medicare offers options that require you put thought into your existing and preferred lifestyle. Coverage for seniors who travel extensively, often and for long-periods of time are available. If you require prescriptions, you will want to consider optional Rx coverages.

Unless you’re an expert in coverage analytics, you may want to seek out the help of an insurance specialist that helps Medicare-age citizens enroll in the program. (NOTE: Even people who’ve spent part of their careers in charge of vetting insurance coverage for companies protest that the Medicare options are complex and sometimes confusing.)

Another consideration you’ll be facing is to identify that your current general physician accepts Medicare. If they don’t, you’ll need to find a replacement. That can take days and weeks of investigation. 

Another option is to enroll in a Supplement Plan through AARP that covers what Medicare does not. The AARP membership is less than a dinner out. And the savings can be extraordinary if you need surgery.

Health insurance for those in their ‘50s and ‘60s isn’t cheap. By comparison, Medicare is.