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Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

For some seniors, retirement can mean well-deserved relaxation, time to pursue hobbies, and much-needed traveling.  Others choose to find a new job or start their own business.  Either way, working is a great way for baby boomers to earn extra income and to stay active.   More and more seniors choose to continue to work and not retire due to their satisfaction from contributing to their work and social relationships. 

Here is our list of the best jobs for retirees.

Retail Sales Associate/Greeter

Retail sales associate jobs are always in demand and are great for seniors as they get to use their customer service skills.   The primary position of a retail sales associate is greeting customers, helping customers select products, directing customers to products, answering questions, and making transactions.  Being able to interact with customers and coworkers is beneficial to older adults. It promotes healthy emotional and mental well-being, which can help prevent depression - prevalent among seniors. 

Tutor, Instructor, or Teaching Assistant

If you have had a career in education or possess a particular skill, consider working as a tutor, instructor, or teaching assistant.  Whether you were a professional accountant or tradesman, the skills you refined over the last 35 years may be very valuable to younger folks entering into your previous field.  Being around young people is invigorating and energizing for older adults. Offering years of professional insight to a younger generation can help improve their academic performance, enhance social skills, and decrease negative behavior.  Becoming a part-time teacher or instructor is a fantastic seasonal job for retirees and former teachers.

Writer / Blogger

Since seniors have years of wisdom and years of life experience, a writer/blogger would be an excellent part-time job and one you can do from home.  A blogger can manage their own blog or even manage a company's blog.  They can write about any topic they know, such as sports, finance, music, food, etc.  This is also a great way to incorporate "work" into your favorite topics or hobbies.


One of the most flexible jobs for retired seniors is becoming a driver for a ride-share company like Lyft or Uber. The biggest perk is setting your schedule.  Companies like Uber and Lyft make it very easy to become part of their program and provide you with all the tools you need to get started, like their operating system through your smartphone.  The demand for these services continues to increase. 

Home Care Aide

A gratifying job for older adults is to work with other seniors. The senior care industry is booming, especially in the home care vertical.  Home care aides make an excellent hourly wage and are usually able to set their hours and days. Depending on if you want to perform medical or non-medical home care, you will need different certifications.  Here is a link to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice for more information. Becoming a home health aide is especially a fantastic position for retired nurses.

Pet Sitter

If you love animals and spend time with them, a pet sitter or dog walker is an excellent option for retirees looking to make a little extra money.  You also reap the benefits of getting a little extra exercise by walking the dog throughout the day!  Some families need daily visits while they are at work, while others choose to leave their pets for more extended stays while they go on vacation.  Either way, it is proven that being around animals is known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and decrease symptoms of depressions and feelings of loneliness. 

We recommend checking out Rover – a pet sitting app that allows you to sign up and become a pet sitter.  They also have reviews on pets and their owners, so you can pick and choose who you want to work with.


If you have a specialized skill or experience that not many people have, you can try working as a consultant in a particular industry. The working hours could be flexible depending on your skills and the type of arrangement you make with your clients. The term consultant is quite vague, so think of consulting work as providing value to different companies in whatever specialty you may have.


Not every senior that is retired is looking for a paycheck.  Perhaps being a volunteer at one or more organizations in your community is rewarding and a good fit for you.  Volunteering is an excellent way for seniors to stay active and give back to the community.  Volunteers are in demand at churches, schools, sporting events, and even with fellow seniors.  Supporting your senior peers is a great way to interact with those at risk with social isolation and aging-related illnesses such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease.  Volunteering is known to make us feel good about ourselves, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment and increases one's self-confidence.