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2022 Best Men’s Golf Shirts Reviews

From the driving range to the practice green, par-threes to signature courses, there are so many ways to experience the glorious game of golf. There’s one thing we can all agree on, though; it pays to be comfortable on the course! From head to toe, your outfit matters, but it all starts with your golf shirt. There are button-down collared shirts, polo shirts, sweatless t-shirts, long-sleeve zip-ups, and much more. With so many different types of golf shirts to choose from and countless different brands, how do you know what’s the best choice for your game? 

Below is a ranking table of our top golf shirts on the market today, with links to updated pricing on Amazon. 

After the ranking table, we review each shirt in-depth, providing details on the design, fabric, manufacturing, etc. We hope you enjoy this review on golf shirts as much as we enjoyed writing it. Swing easy, stay out of the rough, and always dress in style!

Ranking Table

Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Victory Polo

Nikes Men's Dri-Fit Victory Polo Review

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The Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Victory Polo is an awesome shirt for so many important reasons. It looks fresh and comes in various colors, from black, Neptune green, pink quartz, tropical twist, Sierra red, and much more. Secondly, the Nike Dri-Fit is made from recycled polyester, which means it is an environmentally friendly golf shirt! By shredding plastic bottles and converting them into pellets, and eventually yarn, Nike is able to turn waste into golf fashion. Recycled polyester generates fewer CO2 emissions than virgin polyester and helps keep plastic out of our landfills, rivers, and seas. Here is more on Nike’s Move to Zero Mission, aiming to zero carbon and waste to protect our environment and future. Lastly, the recycled polyester is designed with sweat-wicking technology, meaning you stay dry even the sun is beating down on you on the links. We give the Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Victory Polo an A+ review!

Adidas Men’s Merch Block Sport Shirt

Adidas Men’s Merch Block Sport Shirt Review

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Have you ever heard of hydrophilic fabric? If you haven’t, then it’s time you do. In laments terms, hydrophilic material has an affinity for water. This means, instead of you getting wet, the shirt absorbs the water in a process called “wicking.” The Adidas Men’s Merch Block Sport Shirt is built with hydrophilic fabric to keep you dry on the course, allowing for ultimate comfortability when the weather is discontented. We also love this shirt because it probably has the coolest design out of any shirt on our list. A self-fabric color attaches to buttons for breathability, plus three colors starting from the waist up. The Adidas logo on the sleeve adds a unique design element that you won’t find on most golf shirts. The Adidas Men’s Merch Block Sport Shirt is made with 100% polyester and UPF 50 fabric, which blocks 90% of the sun's rays.

Under Armour Men's Playoff Golf Polo     

Under Armour Men's Playoff Golf Polo

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The Under Armour Men’s Playoff Golf Polo comes in a lot of colors and designs. We’ll repeat it. This shirt comes in a lot of colors and designs! So, no matter your style, you can find a shirt that matches. Fashion is a big reason this golf shirt made our list, but it’s not the only reason. Another considerable benefit is the 4-way stretch material, giving this shirt the flexibility to move around while not becoming untucked, which is sure to shave a couple of strokes off your round. You will also love the anti-odor technology, keeping you smelling fresh and not having to worry about carrying deodorant in your bag. The last thing you need is a foul smell to stink up your play, especially when out on the lynx with clients.  The UPF is 30. Not quite as high as other shirts, but still enough protection from the sun. Overall, we think you’ll love the Under Armour Men’s Playoff Polo!

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Victory Half-Zip Top

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Victory Half-Zip Top Review

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The Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Victory Half-Zip is the perfect golf shirt for colder months or chilly morning rounds. The quarter zipper allows for breathability, while the long sleeves protect against wind chill and the elements. The Dri-FIT Victory Half-Zip is designed with moister wick technology, helping fight against rain, dew, snow, and sweat, keeping you dry and feeling comfortable when playing in less-than-ideal weather. You shouldn’t have a problem keeping your swing speed up to par due to the 100% polyester, lightweight material. Another bonus is the cuffs are elastic, which means, unlike most long-sleeve shirts, you won’t be bothered by your sleeve riding up your arm when swinging. After a long round, don’t be afraid to throw the Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Victory Half-Zip Top in the washing machine. Just make sure you read the washing instructions beforehand.


Adidas Golf Men's 3-Stripes Piped 1/4 Zip Shirt 

Adidas Golf Men's 3-Stripes Piped 1/4 Zip Shirt Review

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Another long-sleeved golf shirt makes our list. The Adidas Golf Men’s 3-Stripe Piped ¼ Zip Shirt is perfect for keeping your body warm and loose during cold and frosty mornings that usually cause swing stiffness. Unlike most button-down long-sleeve golf shirts, this sleek look has a fourth zipper. Built with wick-moisture material, you won’t have to worry about getting wet when the clouds start drizzling or the early morning sprinklers surprise you. The half collar provides a bit of warmth but is unassuming enough to not get in the way of your chin while swinging. The design is quite unique for a golf shirt, with contrasting piping running down the shoulders to the sleeve. The Adidas Golf Men’s 3-Stripe Piped ¼ Zip Shirt is 100% polyester, and therefore you won’t have any problem throwing this shirt in the washing machine after a long round.


Oakley Men's Graphic Logo Sleeves Polo

Oakley Men's Graphic Logo Sleeves Polo Review

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The Oakley Men’s Graphic Logo Sleeves Polo only comes in four colors, but that’s all the options you’ll need. This sleek golf shirt is perhaps the most extraordinary design on our list! The collar trickles down to three buttons, with the Oakley logo placed right in the middle of the shirt after the last button. The Oakley text draping from one of the sleeves sets the design apart. Made with'Ohydrolix' technology, the fabric allows for breathability and moisture prevention, while the anti-bacterial microfibers keep you fresh throughout 18-holes. We promise this golf shirt won’t disappoint!

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PUMA Men's Mattr One Way Polo   

PUMA Men's Mattr One Way Polo

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Puma isn’t known for its golf products, but the Mattr One Way Polo is truly a masterpiece in comfort and design. MATTR stands for materials, technology, and research, and this sleek shirt embodies the acronym. A composition of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane, Puma intended to allow golfers to swing freely with 4-way stretch technology. There are endless styles to choose from, with every shirt having five stripes and three different colors, so you don’t have to worry about other golfers copying your style. Machine wash this shirt when you are done and don’t worry about durability because it stands the test of time. You’ll have this classic polo for countless rounds and, most likely, will want one in each design.


5 Criteria For Picking The Right Golf Shirt

Choosing the right golf shirt is essential to your game, and it can be hard to know where to start. But don't worry, we're here to help. Here are step-by-step directions to choosing the right shirt: 

  1. Start by choosing a shirt that fits your style. Make sure the color scheme is correct with your pants, shoes, and hat. 

  2. Make sure the golf shirt fits well. That means no loose sleeves, is relatively snug, and doesn’t become untucked easily when swinging the club. 

  3. The perfect golf shirt needs to be made with the latest technologies. We recommend moisture-wicking and odor prevention materials. 

  4. The UPF of the shirt needs to be 30+ to protect against the sun’s UV rays. 

  5. Breathability counts! The last thing you need is to throw off your game because you are too hot.